Renee Tisdale is a baker/ cake designer living in the Columbus OH area.  She received her culinary training at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in California after receiving training in fine art from Columbus College of Art and Design.  She is the Sole proprietor of Cakes by Renee which she started in 2011.

      - Cakes by Renee is the result of a long passion for baking and creating.  I love cake.  I love baking it, decorating it, and of course eating it.  I simply love cake and could not think of anything better to do with my life then to spend it in a kitchen doing what I love most.  My goal when making every cake, pie, cookie etc.., is to make it the best one I have ever made and if possible to learn something new in the process.  No passion however is complete without  muse and that is why I created Cakes by Renee.  I never work better than when I am creating something for someone else and I assure you that every baked good that leaves my kitchen is something I am proud to put my name to.  I taylor every cake to fit you and your personality so that when you look at it you know it was meant just for you and your special occasion.